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Sherwood Forest midcentury on market for first time in 42 years

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A rare treat in San Francisco's smallest neighborhood

It’s uncommon to find a house on the market in San Francisco’s Sherwood Forest, San Francisco’s smallest neighborhood. At two by three streets in length, it’s nestled between St. Francis Wood and Miraloma Park. Only 200 homes are lucky enough to call this patch of land their hood. So it is, indeed, a red-letter day when one pops up for sale.

This 1974 construction has been treated kindly over the years, featuring a mishmash of spotted remodeling and tweaking.

A new kitchen here, an updated bathroom there. In all, a lovely home that, with all due respect, could use a sleek renovation.

Coming in at four beds, three and a half baths, and 2,430 square feet, 23 Lansdale Avenue is asking $1,595,000. Because living in the city’s tiniest neighborhood will cost you big.