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Twin Peaks renovation at end of Market Street wants $2.85 million

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Twice the price on Twin Peaks

Market Street ends (and becomes Portola Drive) while winding around Twin Peaks, somewhere in the 4000 block or so.

Right before you hit that almost invisible transition, though, you’ll pass 3695 Market, a home that’s just quietly changed over from one thing to another itself.

We’ve got another case of the R word here (renovation, of course), as the owners last year switched out the house’s old one-story look from 1935 for a much more ambitious three-story, four bedroom, four bath affair, replete with skylights, marble fireplaces, and a redwood deck.

The new price: $2.85 million, almost exactly double what the pre-renovation version sold for last year ($1.6 million). Doubling seems the natural order of things in Twin Peaks, as the space has just about doubled to, from almost 1,300 feet to more than 2,600.