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Church turned dramatic black industrial-style home asks $899K

Turns out black really does go with everything

Trick or treaters may pause before coming up the walk to 751 47th Street, but you can’t deny that the dramatic black facade generates a natural sense of intrigue.

And it doesn’t stop there. This so-called “bohemian-industrial” home in Oakland pushes the envelope pretty hard on both of those words, with its huge, warehouse-like interior and deceptively high ceilings studded with loft-style overlooks.

(Bonus points to whoever did the staging for emphasizing the length of the floor plan with the long, Last Supper-style dining room set.)

Despite appearances, this building is not another warehouse or storage shed turned housing. Until recently, it was Temescal’s Galilee Baptist Church.

Construction on the remodel took nearly a year, as chronicled by the Home Co blog on the building, which offers some remarkable photos of the building in transition. Not to mention the scale of a human being next to the facade to emphasize just how big this place actually is.

The four bed, three and a half bath, 3,800-plus foot final product lists for $899,000.