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Three Bay Area Eichlers for under a million

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This much bounty at once may spoil us

Courtesy Hatch Realty

Fans of Joseph Eichler may want to sit down for this.

Though the developer created thousands of distinctive Midcentury homes throughout California, it’s not every day of the week that so many of them come back on the market at once.

Not just one, but three different East Bay cities have listed Eichlers, all of them of less than a million dollars, and in fact one even recently cuts it price.

4026 Salem Street in Concord offers the best bargain of the bunch at $759,000 for a four bed, two bath setup from 1965. It lays the curb appeal on pretty heavy too, striking a look that might be called quintessential Eichler.

This house last sold in 2014 for $595,000. Which was actually a loss on its 2006 sale of $650,000.

Not to be outdone, Walnut Creek’s 262 Los Banos Avenue ups the ante to $875,000, but makes it a full four bed and four bath affair.

If that sounds like an awful lot of full bathrooms for a house like this, that’s because they’re also including the guest house in the equation. The sidecar structure is not as well-appointed as the main, 1956 original, but it doesn’t hurt either.

It’s been 21 years since the most recent sale here, for a mere $250,000. Note that the price was cut by nearly $75,000 last week.

Finally, Castro Valley’s 18408 Cotton Court strains toward the million mark but (mercifully) falls short for $925,000.

It’s the smallest of the set at three beds, two baths, and less than 1,500 feet, although the lovely, semi-rural Castro Valley setting ups the appeal a bit.

The new price is well more than double its last sale of $443,000, and that was only four years ago. Yowza.