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Wild and weird Montclair house asks $1.2 million

What’s your angle here?

It may be hard to figure out how to even approach 1635 Arrowhead Drive.

The four bed, two and a half bath Montclair house circa 1977 has one of the most unusual layouts we’ve ever seen. The entrance from the street suggests you’re coming up on the jagged edge of a glacier rather than a contemporary home, an effect that the muted blue color perhaps intensifies.

A look at the interior confirms that it only gets wilder and more unexpected from here, with vertigo-inducing ceilings, surprise angles and overlooks, and shapes for rooms and hallways that have probably never been brooked before.

Although it’s hardly unusual for a Bay Area home to be built on a hillside with the bulk of it hidden below street level, in this case it only makes what’s down there seem all the more mysterious.

It’s a downright exciting effect. The 3,000-plus square foot home last sold in 2000 for $710,000 and seems to be betting that its singular design has only increased in appeal with time.