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Water will fall from the sky for six days

Don’t worry, this has happened before

If you noticed the ominous gray sky outside your window right now, it probably occurred to you to wonder whether rain is on the way.

Well, as always, the strictly accurate answer is that nobody knows, because we can’t see the future. But since the Weather Channel is predicting a 90 chance of water falling from the sky on us soon, an umbrella seems the smarter bet than sandals.

In fact, the slate through Tuesday sounds pretty dramatic: Rain today, morning rain tomorrow, showers on Saturday, thundershowers on Sunday (got to love the extra dramatic touch), and even a fair chance of a dark and story night for Monday’s Halloween, plus the day after.

Note that the more cautious types over at the Weather Underground agree about today and tomorrow, but ascribe only a “chance” of rain for the rest of those days. Way to keep up the suspense.