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Man named James Kirk turns home into Enterprise replica

A perfectly logical chain of events

Yes, there’s a man in the Sunset named James T. Kirk, and yes, he turned part of his home into the bridge of the original USS Enterprise as it first appeared on TV screens in 1966.

It almost feels as if there’s nothing more to say than that, if only because once you’ve said that much you’ll never soar to such heights again.

But the San Francisco Chronicle has the rest anyway, including the notable fact that Kirk’s parents were not, as you might expect, rabid Star Trek fans, and his name is entirely a coincidence.

(If you’re curious, there are probably more than 1,000 people in the US with the same moniker. We’re not sure what they’ve all done with their houses.)

Our local Kirk realized he “had some space in the back of his house” and decided to recreate the ship’s helm, utilizing a whole lot of Christmas lights. What else, right?

It’s not a 1:1 replica, for reasons of space. (Square footage, that is.) Compare Kirk’s handiwork it to the similar setup in a Canadian basement and tell us who boldly went there better?