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Berkeley mini-Tudor asks $985K

Long live the king

On Monday we saw a truly royal Tudor in Pacific Heights, hidden from the public for years but now yours to own for a king’s ransom of $14 million.

Since not everyone is a $14 million Pac Heights kind of buyer (sadly), we’ve found an addendum of sorts on the other side of the bay in Berkeley.

It’s got that same Tudor grandeur. It was built only a year later. And, like the San Francisco house, it’s been off the market for decades, in the care of one family for three generations.

Also like that other home, it’s been left in a state probably pretty similar to its original 1929 configuration, sans radical remodels or extensive gutting. Meet 573 Spruce Street.

We like to think of it as the mini-Tudor—not because it’s actually small, mind you. At three bedrooms and over 1,600 feet, it sits on an enormous 9,000-plus foot lot with a jungle-like garden.

But it’s not nearly so ambitious as Monday’s house. And that’s a good thing from the point of view of most buyers: Rather than $14 million, this one lists for $985,000.

And it even outdoes bigger Tudors in some departments. Those beams in the living room ceiling are a royal pedigree in their own right.