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Nob Hill duplex remodel asks $2.99 million

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Doubling up on your hill holdings

The Great San Francisco Remodeling continues, this time with this humble looking Nob Hill duplex. (Note that the home seems to have an identity crisis, pitching itself as Russian Hill. It sits right at the corner of Larkin at 1510 Pacific Avenue.)

Originally built in 1922, the upper and lower flats have indeed been given the Russian Hill look: Glass banisters, neutral colors, and open spaces. More importantly, they also upgraded to a temblor-resistant steel frame and steel grade beams, which presumably helped usher the plans to approval.

So what do you think? A welcome update, or should we start leaving well enough alone in neighborhoods like this? Both flats go for just a smidge less than $3 million, after the pre-remodel versions sold for $1.65 two years ago.