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Come tour the tiny modular apartments that may house the homeless

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A chance to get hands-on with the experiment

Back in August we told you about developer Patrick Kennedy’s plan to build 200 tiny new homes in a DPW-owned parking lot in a matter of months.

Kennedy’s invention, the MicroPAD, is a modular studio apartment roughly the size of a standard shipping container (with a bit more ceiling) that “snaps” together Lego-style with others to create a building, supposedly in no time at all.

The units are nifty, but only about 160 square feet. Kennedy points out that that’s 160 more feet than some people are living in these days, and for anyone truly skeptical his response is “Just try it.”

Well, now you may get your chance, for a little while at least: Starting October 31 and every day through November 11, Kennedy will park one of his pads at the corner of 9th and Mission and throw open the (tiny) doors to the public from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

This is part of his charm offensive to persuade the city to let him erect hundreds of MicroPADs on city land to serve as transitional housing. He claims he can provide cheap and efficient in-fill wherever it’s most needed.

But doing is more convincing than talking, and hence the demonstration. Is it the way of the future? Drop in and see. If nothing else, you can be sure the tour won’t take long.