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Excelsior ugly duckling turns beautiful swan inside, asks $730K

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Don’t judge a book by its paint job

The facade the color of old gum on 518 Silver Avenue in the Excelsior will probably scare most people off, and the use of words like “fixer” in the ad don’t help.

But give it a chance, because behind that unassuming Double Mint-hued exterior lie some decidedly pleasant surprises, mostly in the initial upstairs landing and the living room concealed by that barrel exterior, which both do good credit to the craftsmanship of whoever first hammered this place together in 1929, and are a welcome break from the white interiors and Platonic simplicity of updated homes.

No doubt that the rest of the place needs some TLC, and truth be known we have no idea what’s going on in with the colors in the kitchen. But as far as bargains for half of the median price of a San Francisco home go, this one has the makings of a contender.

The last time this two bed, 1,500 foot house sold was in 1996 for $176,000, because that kind of thing was possible back in 1996.