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The High & The Low: SF’s most and least expensive homes this week

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A season for big payoffs on Market Street, while Cow Hollow goes way low

Fridays bring the High & the Low, a Curbed column chronicling ost and least expensive homes sold in San Francisco in the last seven days. ...except today isn’t Friday. Well, like many sites, we spent most of Friday offline, so we’re high, low, and a touch late this week. Even so, let’s dive in.

Obviously, the week’s most expensive sale was 2250 Vallejo Street, which at the time was also the most expensive home in the city. At $21.5 million, it’s the biggest receipt all year, and you could get pretty fair odds that nothing will top it in the final 10 weeks of 2016.

This means it’s a bit of a shame that the second-place big time sale of the grand penthouse at the Four Seasons 765 Market Street didn’t wait a few days to wrap up its own sale, because at $11.9 million (apparently a record in the history of the building) it would be a shoo-in for the top prize any other week.

But this was a sale that apparently could not wait, hooking a buyer after only four days. At this rate, the new owner has probably already moved into the three bed, five-plus bath, 4,640 foot pad (also advertised as the largest condo in Northern California).

Maybe it’s fate that in a week with some of the most dizzyingly high of highs, we also enjoyed one of the year’s lowest of all the lows, at least as far as mark-rate sales go. 2954 Baker Street #4 slid under the bar at $399,000.

And it’s in Cow Hollow, no less, in a TIC building on top of a dry cleaner. How does such a ritzy neighborhood afford such a bargain? You’ve probably already guessed that the place is small: Just over 250 feet, and only three rooms altogether.

There’s no living room at all: The front door opens straight into the bedroom, and the bedroom opens right into the kitchen. Still, it’s a little corner of Cow Hollow for someone to call his/her own. Like the big place downtown, this one sold after just five days.