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Kingly Tudor hits market for first time in 56 years

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For a kingly $14 million

The public hasn’t gotten a look inside the phenomenal Tudor-style home at 3383 Pacific Avenue since the last time it went on the market way back in 1960. How long ago was that in practical terms? San Francisco’s median household income was $6,700, and Mad Men was still living through its first season.

The seven bed, six full bath gem broke its decades of seclusion on Friday, when it listed for a dizzying $14 million. Too rich for our blood, but at least we get to scope out the interiors without having to sneak up and peek into the windows.

The home dates to 1928, and there’s been no remarkable modernist renovation here—it seems that the former owner (a fourth-generation San Franciscan whose family came here during the Gold Rush and who cared for retired SFPD horses at her ranch in Sonoma) mostly felt that things were fine as-is.

That includes the old mahogany paneling on the dining room, leaded glass on the solarium windows. Even the saddle room is still there. Yes, even though there were 23 million cars for America’s roughly 30 million households in 1928, horseback riding in the Presidio was still fashionable, particularly if you were rich. So of course you’d need a room for the saddles.