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Parisian-style penthouse asks $1.69 million

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Would an “ooh la la” be gauche?

Nob Hill sometimes puts some work into achieving a Continental vibe, rarely more so than in the case of the super chintzy building at 1242 Sacramento, a "Parisian style" holdover from 1900 that’s still making with the Belle Epoque charm well into the current epoque.

Last time we visited, it was to pay a visit to the number four apartment, which was one of the craziest things we’ve ever seen. Not that the likes of red lacquered walls and gold ceilings aren’t perfectly belle, of course. It’s just a decidedly unexpected direction to take things.

The penthouse unit at number five that’s presently offered at $1.69 million, on the other hand, adopts a much more reserved approach. A little less red and a lot more white. The two homes share enough common sensibilities to identify them as siblings, but comparing them provides a vivid lesson in what you might call dueling visions (and color palates) for Parisian-style elegance.

1242 Sacramento #5 is one of the most expensive one-bedroom homes in the city, though still well shy of the number one spot on that reserved list. Last time it sold was 1998, for a sum of $705,000, equivalent to just over $1 million today.

The new $1.69 million price is exactly the same list price as the red number downstairs (the same agent is handling this one), which in the end sold for about $1.27 million. We’ll see how the softer touch and slightly better views one flight up does.