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Urban landscape artists paint Salesforce Tower as it becomes city’s tallest

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Finally, a subject that always sits still

We’ve shown off some of Bernal Heights-based Laura Wigham’s urban watercolors before. Wigham finds her muse in local construction sites, setting up shop next to major new projects and creating impressionistic updates of their progress.

(She paints everyday street scenes too, but for obvious reasons we like her buildings-in-progress series best.)

Last week, right around the same time that Salesforce Tower officially became the tallest spire in the city by climbing past the Transamerica Pyramid’s longstanding record of 853 feet, Wigham and her regular artists’ Meetup group put easels to sidewalk and commemorated the landmark moment in their own signature style.

We think they did pretty good credit to architect Cesar Pelli’s work in progress (and to some of the surrounding buildings as well). But as always, art is in the eye of the beholder; so behold: