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San Franciscans really, really want Geary, Van Ness subway lines

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The people have spoken (for decades, in fact)

Back in August, the SFMTA invited everybody to draw their own ideal San Francisco subway map. Don’t expect any of the 2,600 resulting entries to actually break ground and be built in full anytime soon (or, let’s be realistic, ever), but the city did promise to take the DIY networks into consideration.

So what does the riding public want? You can watch their combined vision of city transit slowly assemble itself on a custom Gmap, which gradually compiles the entries into an overlapping red web crisscrossing the city, or you can just check out transit collaboration network Connect SF’s heat map of requested routes.

It’s probably no surprise that people really, really want an underground route running the length of Geary, with an intersecting Van Ness Avenue tunnel coming in a close second. Together, the two streets look like angry red arteries of pent-up rider demand.

Likely the SFMTA could have guessed that much without even asking. (In fact, we’d bet they rarely go a day without hearing something about it.)

It looks like they’re also fielding a lot of requests for tunnels running the length of 19th Avenue, under 16th Street between the Mission and the waterfront, and, perhaps most interesting, extending the in-progress Central Subway line beyond its present planned terminus.

Note that the city proposed plans already to push the M Ocean View underground on 19th Avenue, and of course the question of the Central Subway’s parameters was hotly debated—but not to the satisfaction of every interested rider, it seems.

Now that we’ve all wished on our respective stars, it remains to be seen what will ever be done with all of these ideas. A new Subway Master Plan isn't due out until the end of the year. In the meantime, at least everybody got to chip in our two cents. Or, our $2.25, in this case.