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Here’s San Francisco’s new most expensive home

The circle of life (and commerce) turns on

San Francisco’s most expensive home on the market finally sold (after nearly a year) last week, taking $21.8 million and leaving a vacancy at the top of the heap. And onetime most expensive home 2820 Scott Street recently delisted, meaning that the time is ripe for a new standout to, well, start standing out.

So what construction has the singular distinction of being the most expensive home in America’s most expensive city? The winner, at least for the time being, is none other than 2476 Broadway, a near neighbor of both of the above homes.

At $19.5 million (down from the $22 million it opened at back in May), it’s now the absolute most you can spend on a house in the city, at least as far as publicly listed buildings go.

It will probably surprise no one that this house underwent a recent renovation. Previously it was a duplex with an upstairs flat and a baby-blue exterior. Now it’s a single home with a sleek contemporary finish and over 9,500 square feet of space across six levels.

It’s perhaps a little surprising that the city approved the work on the circa 1913 home, given that it resulted in a net loss of housing units. But maybe it had something to do with the fact that it doesn’t look like previous owners had bothered to rent out the extra spaces for years anyway.