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San Francisco’s most expensive home sold

We have a winner

The long odyssey of 2250 Vallejo Street, San Francisco’s most expensive home, has come to an end, at least until such a time as the market’s natural gravity draws it back. After several false starts and price cuts, the seven bed, seven bath renovated mansion from 1902 wrapped up a sale late last week for $21.8 million.

That’s a far cry from the splashy $28 million it angled for back in 2015, but it’s still more than three times its previous ticket price, back before the renovation that converted it from its previous life as an apartment building, a job that quite literally went right down to the foundations.

It was former San Francisco Mayor Angelo J Rossi who transformed the building from a mansion built for a fish packing baron into an apartment building for wounded veterans. A noble endeavor, but one that did away with most of the original James Dunn interiors. The post-2012 remodel restored some of the old stuff but brought in mostly contemporary new material (including an elliptical spiral staircase with glass banister), and also drove the price sky-high.

After a $3 million price cut last summer, 2250 Vallejo briefly became only the city’s second priciest home for sale. But the listing expired on new champ 2820 Scott Street a few weeks ago, making the Vallejo Street mansion briefly the king of the hill again, just in time for the hill to sell for $3.2 million off the most recent offering.

Note that the $21.8 million receipt makes this the most expensive sale in the city all year. And with nothing presently listed that’s within even a million dollars of it, this is probably going to be the top mark for all of 2016.