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Empty, concrete SF lot lands on market for $1.6 million


We already brought to your attention to this 2,495-square-foot empty lot in Central Richmond, asking a jaw-dropping $1 million. Bonkers, right? Not so much—at least not compared to this doozy of an empty lot in San Francisco’s Merced Manor neighborhood.

Coming in at an approximately 4,000 square feet, this vacant lot at 477 Eucalyptus, a weed-filled and concrete-floored number now on the market, comes to us via a Curbed SF reader.

Writes commenter altairj: “Think that’s bad? Check this one out ... 1.7 mil for an empty lot (well, with approved plans). In an area where homes are being listed for 1.5 mil. Previously sold 6 months ago for 1.1 mil. I guess they’re hoping there’s a sucker born every minute.”

Dios mío.

While 477 Eucalyptus asking price is, indeed, a tad steep, it is for a decent amount of square footage, one could argue. That being said: That is a steep asking price for a patch of concrete.