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Weather: Feel the rain on your skin, starting Friday

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Tomorrow’s storm could rank no. 2 on the Storm Impact Scale

While the Bay Area doesn’t sit in the path of any danger à la the Pacific Northwest—our sister city up north is preparing for a major storm this weekend—it would be wise to pull out your LL Bean or Hunter boots, grab an umbrella, and prepare to get wet.

Starting Friday morning, the first big storm of the season will unleash its damp wrath upon the Bay Area. As SFist reports, “rainfall expected to begin Thursday will be the heaviest rainfall the Bay Area has seen since March—and with that could come downed trees, flooding, and damage to homes.”

While the strength of said storm has yet been nailed down, ABC 7 notes, “another storm will arrive Saturday evening ... a lighter storm, a 1 on the Storm Impact Scale.”

A Coastal Flood Advisory and High Surf Advisory has been issues by the Coast Guard for Friday from 3 a.m. to 9 p.m. Per the Coast Guard, “Boaters and beachgoers should be especially cautious on and near the water over the next several days.”

Stay dry, Bay Area.