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Empty lot in the Richmond with weed problem asks $1 million

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A block away from Golden Gate Park, miles away from habitable

And here we are, folks. A scratch of land rife with dead weeds and a thirsty tree will run you cool seven figures in San Francisco. We could feign shock, but that would be dishonest as real estate Stockholm Syndrome set in long ago.

The 2,495-square-foot patch of ground at 1633 Cabrillo comes with neither structure nor blueprints. It's zoned RH-2 (residential, "possibly" two units), and the listing notes: "Property is fully fenced." So there’s that.

Also of note, banks don’t give out loans for empty lots (since there’s no property to loan it against), so buyers would be expected to pay all cash. That said, whomever gobbles this space up could have a decent return if the housing market remains as-is.

Asking is $1,000,000. A steeper price compared to this Potrero Hill lot that sold in April for $947,500 and this uninhabitable Telegraph Hill rock/lot still on the market for $200,000.