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What $3,100 rents you in San Francisco right now

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Not only can you go home again, we've got five choice homes from which to choose

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a regular column exploring what you can rent for a set dollar amount in different neighborhoods. Is one person's studio another person's townhouse? Let's find out.Today's price: $3,100.

↑ Going with the principle of last in, first up, we'll start by taking a gander at a two-bedroom, two-bath apartment in Bayview in the new Shipyard development. Which, yes, is under EPA investigation right now, but you're renting, not buying, so if that all goes sideways you can always move. As for the homes themselves, they're quite lean and clean, aesthetically speaking, with lots of open space and muted colors. It's on the larger side for $3,100/month, and the unit and building are so new they've barely been out of the original packaging. Sadly, they are bucking the Bayview's pet-friendly tradition here by allowing none.

[Update: A spokesperson for developer Lennar points out that the shipyard is not itself on land presently being investigated by the EPA. (It can't be, since those parcels haven't been developed yet.) He also says that the development usually allows pets, although it appears this individual landlord does not.]

↑ Meanwhile, up in the Richmond, we have a valuable lesson about not judging books by their street-facing facades (or something to that effect). The building at Anza and 28th Avenue is admittedly a homely thing from the outside, with stucco the color of a pencil eraser. Inside, however, we find a lot of lustrous woodwork and trim, gorgeous windows, and a nice pair of French doors to separate the dining room. Although only one bedroom, the flat is nearly 1,000 square feet. No dogs allowed (grrr), but they do let in cats (prrr). The price? $3,100/month on the dot.

↑ Now let's check in with the Mission. In this case, a one-bedroom apartment on Dolores saves you a dollar at $3,099/month, advertised as a "must-see." And indeed, the startling combination of red subway tile and a giant brick chimney running smack through the middle of the room in front of it should probably be seen. The Dolores address is about three blocks north of the park and closer to Market Street.

↑ If you're amenable to giving up a little space for the sake of a fancy sounding address and a slight discount on the rent, Pac Heights offers a junior one-bed apartment for $3,074/month, right off of Broadway and Laguna. Note the opened partition separating that junior bedroom from the living room--weird, but a clever use of the space. The place comes furnished, but is sadly stingy on pet allowances.

↑ Finally, the best bargain comes by way of Noe Valley, a one bedroom, two-floor apartment in a truly striking vertical building overlooking an equally remarkable courtyard. If you're a fan of built-ins, good news: This is the place for you, and it comes out to $2,999/month.