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Mark Zuckerberg’s backyard furniture, a closer look

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The famous Silicon Valley entrepreneur’s patio furniture leaves much to be desired, which is probably the point

Not since Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg snapped a shot of his closet, rich with steely layers of monochromatic grays and control issues, have we been this enthralled by the Silicon Valley entrepreneur’s aesthetic choices. This time we’re given a peek inside his backyard.

As Eater reported on Monday, Zuckerberg posted a Facebook Live video of himself showing off his barbecue prowess. In it, he talks about his smoking process (“half of the joy is that things taste better when you make them yourself,” says Zuckerberg) and his grilling mechanisms of choice—the General from Horizon Smokers (“when you want to smoke something big, like a brisket, that is my go-to choice,” he notes) and something called a Big Green Egg (“saves time”).

But let’s talk about his backyard decor, or lack thereof.

“Zuckerberg’s furnishings look surprisingly humble for someone worth a reported $55 billion,” notes Eater. “During the video, he appeared to be sitting on a simple outdoor folding chair, similar versions of which retail for around $20 at Wal-Mart.”


“I know, I know, but it’s very Mark,” is what we imagine loved ones would say in response to yet another under-breath remark about the cheap patio furniture. “At least he’s no Dede,” should be another.

The mass-produced wooden fence is also nothing fancy and, just like those folding chairs, do their job minus any semblance of allure. Alas.

Also of design note: When asked about the festive purple shirt he’s sporting, Zuckerberg reveals that he only wears colorful shirts on weekends. However, on weekdays, he dons grey shirts so that he doesn’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about what to wear. Which is just silly. Spending an inordinate amount of time and mental energy picking out a day’s look is one of life’s greatest joys. Perhaps the greatest. It far outweighs preparing a mess of ribs under a cloud of hickory-bold fumes. To each their own.