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SoMa's Major 5M Project Gets Sued by Local Activist Groups

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In San Francisco, the fight over new development isn't over even when it's over. On the same day that opponents of the new Warriors' arena announced a new lawsuit over the development, activists in SoMa and the Tenderloin sued San Francisco over the major 5M project that was approved in November. The lawsuit claims that 5M's Environmental Impact Report failed to reveal the severity of the project's impacts and didn't consider alternatives that would mitigate traffic, shade on city parks, or provide for open space.

The groups behind the lawsuit are South of Market Community Action Network (SMAC), Save Our SoMa, and Friends of Boeddeker Park. Throughout the building's approval process, SMAC's rallying cry was "Don't supersize SoMa." They claimed that 5M would gentrify the neighborhood, cause evictions, push out the Filipino population, and lead to further changes in zoning around the city. If the project moves forward, it will include an office complex, a foot-unit condominium tower, and a 288-unit rental building, with a total of 40 percent below-market-rate housing. However, the groups claim that the 40 percent figure isn't accurate because of the income levels targeted by the affordable housing.

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