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Grand Flood Estate Chops Off 50 Acres and $45M From Price

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Back in 2012, the 92-acre Flood Estate at 331 Greer Road in Woodside came on the market for the first time ever asking a mind-boggling $85 million. According to the estate's official website, it dropped its price to $69.8 million at some point but never found a buyer. This week, part of the estate popped up on the MLS offering up 40+ acres at a new bargain price of $39.98 million—easily affordable for the lucky winner of Powerball's $800 million prize on Saturday night.

The revised offering still includes a 9,000-square-foot Colonial Revival main house with nine bedrooms and a pool. There's now no mention of the additional two-bedroom gatehouse, three-bedroom caretaker house, or vineyard that came with the original listing. But the main residence is impressive enough in itself. There is extensive millwork, crystal lighting, and surrounding gardens by famed landscape architect Thomas Church. Tennis courts, a lake, and a pool are also part of the deal.

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Flood Estate

331 Greer Road, Woodside, CA