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One-of-a-Kind William Wurster Home Looks for $3.75M

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Revered architect William Wurster, once the dean of the UC Berkeley Architecture school, is often remembered for building small homes during the Depression era that felt bigger than their actual size. His sprawling five-bedroom design at 17 San Andreas Way in St. Francis Wood is not one of those diminutive houses. It spreads across more than 4,000 square feet. The house has been in the same family for 55 years and now is looking for its fourth owner and $3.75 million.

The two-story home is so long that it looks more like an apartment complex than a single family house. Its white exterior features a super-size balcony and a turquoise door. The place is in need of some updates, but there is something about its earlier-era vibe that adds to its charm. There are fireplaces both indoors and out, but they're big and brick rather than flat and sleek. Neither the kitchen nor bathrooms look to have been updated in many years, but they are functional. The entire place frames a large front yard complete with a stone walkway. Ocean views can be had from the upper floor windows.

One-of-a-kind houses are tough to find in San Francisco, but this home surely qualifies as one.

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