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Nob Hill Rental Building Aims to Become a Mini-Hotel

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The four-story building at 40 Pleasant Street in Nob Hill technically holds three one-bedroom rent-controlled units, but the owner of the building has been renting them out on short-term rental sites like VRBO as of late for prices ranging between $215 and $350 per night. After running into legal troubles and receiving a Notice of Violation for the short-term rentals, the owner has filed an official application to turn the property into a tiny tourist hotel.

The Planning Commission will hear the request for conversion tomorrow. The Planning Department has indicated that, while turning the building into a hotel is technically compliant with codes, it is "not desirable, nor compatible with the surrounding neighborhood" and has therefore recommended disapproving the conversion. In the meantime, the property remains up on VRBO, but only for 30-day periods, which the owner indicates have a "much higher security deposit" and a "different application process" than normal one-day rentals.

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