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Modern East Bay Estate Sells for a Record-Breaking $20.5M

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The mansion perched at 6889 Devon Way in the Oakland/Berkeley Hills is uncommon in every conceivable way, including the price. The home, which totals more than 14,000 square feet and sits on 20 acres, has just sold for $20.5 million which, according to one of the listing agents, makes it the most expensive home ever sold in Alameda County. Of course, the asking price was $21 million, but no one is complaining. "Obviously, we are very happy," says Carla Buffington of Pacific Union International. She is the co-listing agent with Steven Mavromihalis.

There are amenities, and then there are the out-of-this-world features of this home that was inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Called The Felton Estate (named for its recent owner, renowned engineer and entrepreneur Robert W. Felton) the manse has things like views from Silicon Valley to the Wine Country, a 2,000-square-foot living room, a 250 gallon salt water fish tank, an art gallery, a 2,500 bottle wine cellar, and a 16-car garage. There are also seven fireplaces, five bathrooms, and four bedrooms (the master suite has private passages to the gym, pool, and spa).

Looking at a list like that, it's not a stretch to think the estate might to go to a wealthy overseas buyer, the type with an international collection of trophy homes. You would be wrong. The new owner is a local person. "Every buyer who looked at this house, save for one, was a local," says Buffington. Given the unique nature of the home, she expects the sale to hold its record-breaking status for some time.

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