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Flax Art Supply Store's Big New Location is in Oakland

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Flax Art & Design has been looking for a new home ever since it was announced that its long time mid-Market location would be turned into new housing. Flax opened a smaller new location at Fort Mason earlier this fall and hinted that another, larger store would be on the way. Now, Hoodline reports that owner Howard Flax is taking the flagship location of the store over the bay to Oakland.

Flax was looking for a parking lot, 15,000 square feet of space, a central location, and a large loading dock. A former indoor soccer arena at 15th and MLK Drive proved to be the perfect fit. Flax will begin its move on February 1, and inventory will head to the new spot between February 16 and 21. The new development planned for the old Flax location is set to be nine stories with commercial space at ground-level. It is designed by Solomon Corwell Buenz.

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