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Was it Hell Getting to Work? You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

A couple of weeks ago, we wondered when the much-discussed El Niño rains were going to arrive. Now we know: This week. Today Bay Area news outlets are buzzing about a series of storms that brought driving rain, heavy winds, and flooding to the Bay Area—all the things that make tough commutes nightmares. And here's the rub: It's going to be like this all week long.
NBC Bay Area's Chief Meteorologist Jeff Ranieri is reporting this morning that we will get two more high-power storms over the next two days. According to Ranieri's forecast, we'll get rain today until about 3 p.m.

Tomorrow, he predicts we'll have more of the same for the morning commute—but with wind gusts up to 50 mph. Thursday's storm will likely be the weakest and last between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., which is outside commuting hours for many. If all this comes to pass, that means a total of four storms will wallop the area in one week.

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