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Beat El Niño at His Own Game: Buy a Houseboat for $749K

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It would be hard to flood a house that is already on water—at least, we think that's correct. True or not, this Alameda houseboat is looking particularly good during an El Niño storm-studded week. As floating homes go, this one is stylish; and with three levels and 1,595 square feet, it's roomy for the housing type. It is diving into the market at $749,000.

The houseboats of Sausalito may be better known and have a larger fleet, but this floating home community of 42 vessels in Alameda offers similar watery vistas.

The main living level's dark-paneled walls make the space reminiscent of well-appointed captain's quarters. It's not gloomy or cramped, thanks to expanses of windows that wrap the space and a ceiling that's pierced by a large skylight. Downstairs, the master bath is also paneled, but with a lighter hued reclaimed wood. The lower-level location puts the water at eye-level for the occupants. Upstairs, two more bedrooms are light and bright and they open to a deck that rides above the waves.

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