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All Hail Bayview, the Curbed Cup Neighborhood of the Year!

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Today, we are officially crowning Bayview the neighborhood of the year and awarding the district the 2015 Curbed Cup title! To win the award, Bayview fought it out with NoPa in the final round on the last day of 2015. In the end, the south side neighborhood triumphed by more than 100 points. Reader comments explain why: "One of the last few affordable neighborhoods (by SF's standards), with lots of new businesses opening up alongside historic ones on walkable/transit-accessible 3rd Street and in cool converted industrial spaces...," said coastalhills when describing Bayview.

Coastalhills went on to commend the neighborhood for "community gardens, a growing arts/food/beverage scene, and tons of new park land/housing/office/retail under construction."

Even some detractors had to give the neighborhood a nod. Before going on to extol his neighborhood of choice, NoPa supporter Dionysysv said: "Do I wish I had bought in the Bayview two years ago? Yes."

Bayview takes over the title from Excelsior, the 2014 champ who made it to the Final Four before being defeated by NoPa.

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