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Emergency Demolition for $2M Mt. Davidson Dream House

This morning a house near Mt. Davidson in San Francisco is being demolished by city order due to fears it would slide down its hillside site and damage neighboring homes. KTVU News reports that the house was purchased about three months ago for $2 million. The new owners were not living there, and they were reportedly planning a major remodel. After a neighbor noticed a large crack in the home's driveway, demolition started much earlier than expected.
News stations on the scene report the demolition will continue throughout the day on the home in the 200 block of Casitas Avenue. KTVU news says it's not known what caused the home to start sliding down the hill, but a neighbor spotted a rapidly growing split in the driveway yesterday while walking her dog.

William Strawn, a communications official with the city's Department of Building Inspection, told KTVU reporters that the city ordered the house razed because of its rapid slide and due to concerns about winter storms coming through this weekend.

In an interview with NBC Bay Area, the owner said he wasn't angry, just concerned about safety. The city reportedly has asked neighboring houses to be inspected by engineers within 48 hours to assess structural stability.

According to KTVU, the homeowners will be allowed to rebuild if the site can be stabilized.

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