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Sunset District Mediterranean Charmer Asks $1.39M

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The house at 1921 17th Avenue has the charm and the features you would expect to find in one of the grand Mediterranean mansions in nearby St. Francis Wood, just on a smaller scale. Frankly, we can't believe how many original details are here, all of them seemingly lovingly preserved. That, and an asking price of $1.39 million, make this one worth a closer look.

The exterior has a large picture window with a peaked arch and the twisted columns you'd expect from a more imposing Spanish Mediterranean (this house is 1,678 square feet with two bedrooms and one-and-a-half baths). Inside, there's more ornamentation: Including painted and carved wooden beams, quarter round corner fireplaces, arched alcoves, and dark wood molding that's managed to avoid a paintbrush for 85 years (it was built in 1931). In the breakfast room, there's a stenciled built-in the likes of which rarely see.

The master bath seems to have been freshly remodeled. The kitchen retains a vintage style with scalloped cabinets and what appears to be an old-school Wedgwood range.

It's billed as a two-bedroom, but a large downstairs room is styled as a third bedroom. Given that there's an attached wet bar, we imagine its original purpose was a family room. As it is, a bedroom with an adjacent bar gives a new meaning to the term "nightcap."

The house is credited to Henry Doelger, a prolific San Francisco developer who is better known for cookie cutter homes in the area and the modernist homes in Daly City's Westlake neighborhood.

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