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Super Bowl Statue Vandalism is Getting Creative Now

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Someone tell me what's wrong with this iconic photo #supbro? #SanFrancisco #superbowl50 #superbowlL #lol

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Super Bowl statues around San Francisco have turned into a very public word game of the sort usually played by elementary schoolers. Vandals have turned the words "Super Bowl 50" at the bottom of the statues into numerous new words, from "Sup Bro 50" down at Civic Center to "Superb Owl 50" in Alamo Square. Ultimately, ten of the statues are supposed to go up, each weighing 1,600 pounds, although the locations for only seven have been revealed so far.

The statues were designed with graffiti-proof coating, but vandals have still been able to get to them quickly. Last week, the Alamo Square statue was tagged with graffiti—which was removed—and scratched. The City Hall statue also had its solar panels that were supposed to allow it to light up at night ripped off.

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