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Alamo Square About to Be Closed for Nine-Month Renovation

It's been less than 24 hours since Dolores Park reopened following a major round of renovations, and now another one of San Francisco's iconic parks is set to close for at least nine months, this spring. Renovations at Alamo Square have been planned for years, but they're finally really happening beginning in April. The entire park will be shut down as its irrigation system, restrooms, and other facilities undergo upgrades.

The whole perimeter of the park will be fenced off for nine months—although if Dolores Park is any indication, the actual shutdown time could stretch out even longer. New trees and landscaping will go up, pathways will be repaved, and the park will undoubtedly emerge from its makeover with a fresh face. But in the meantime, where will all of the tourists go to gaze at Painted Ladies?

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