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Huge Super Bowl Signs Put Up by Visa and Verizon Are Illegal

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The view from above - this sign is illegal #sb50 #setup

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Huge signs put up for the Super Bowl by Verizon and Visa are illegal and must come down, according to City Attorney Dennis Herrera. The signs were were put up on the sides of buildings near the Embarcadero, where Super Bowl City is popping up, and they violate San Francisco's planning code against general advertising—which includes all billboards for goods and services not actually offered at the location of the ad.

The Verizon sign stretches 15 stories up Four Embarcadero, while Visa's at One Market Plaza is seven stories high. Signs that promote civic events or celebrations like the Super Bowl are okay, but the city says that Verizon and Visa have gone too far with their ads. Under the planning code Verizon, which was issued a notice of violation, has thirty days to take down its sign. Of course, that's well beyond Super Bowl week, and Herrera is pushing for the sign to come down. by 5 p.m today.

Verizon has provided us the following statement about their Super Bowl sign:

"Because of honest misunderstanding between the City and the Host Committee about permissible signage under the Planning Code, we have decided to remove our signage at Embarcadero 4."

Looks like it will be coming down, after all.

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