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Mural-Filled Home Reaches for the Heavens and $1.185M

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From the outside, 414 Hearst Avenue in Sunnyside is a normal-looking San Francisco home, with a big bay window across the front and a red front door. But inside, Italian-style murals depicting scenes of elegantly-dressed characters and naked angels adorn the walls. The biggest murals are in the dining room, but they extend the whole way up to the ceiling of a bedroom.

What is even more surprising than the presence of the paintings is that they seem to have survived several owners of the home. The five-bedroom house sold back in 2007 after not going on the market for nearly a century, and the "palazzo-style stencil paintings" were noted as a feature in its listing. There were a few more back then, with some pink artwork in one room that is now gone,. They made it through yet another sale when the home sold in 2012. So will the new owner—who will likely have paid a big price for the place, given its $1.185 million ask—continue to keep them around?

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