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Smallest House + Smallest Lot = $66K Over Asking Price

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When this 830-square-foot cottage sitting on a 644-square-foot lot went on the market for $599,000, the listing agent told us she thought there would be a lot of interest, noting that, "There's a large, pent-up market for homes in this price point." She was correct. The house received four offers and sold for $665,000. But it could have sold for more.

"Actually, this wasn't the highest bid," says listing agent Heather Stoltz. "But the owner chose an offer from two San Francisco natives. He wouldn't let me counter them, because he said he wanted them to be able to stay in the city. You don't hear stories like this much these days."

The house was built in 1910 and belonged to Adolph Sutro, the one-time mayor of SF who used the fortune he found in a silver mine to develop the area around the cottage—including the Cliff House, Sutro Baths, and Sutro Heights Park. It is one in a row of three small houses, and it occupies 100 percent of its lot.

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