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Cole Valley House with Great Style and View Asks $2.995M

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The only thing that could get the owners of 1506 Willard Street to sell their house is another home in the neighborhood. According to listing agent Lamisse Droubi, the owners of this circa 1906 view property fell in love with a house around the block, and that's why they put theirs on the market. The agent claims this doesn't happen every day in these parts, saying: "Very rarely do houses come up on the market here, and when they do, they often trade between people that have lived in the hood for years."

The house is on the high end of Willard Street, where it stretches up toward the green belt that's just below the Mt. Sutro Open Space Reserve. It is, indeed, a special part of the city, so Droubi probably isn't exaggerating. This three-level house currently measures 3,486 square feet, and there's permitted plans to add a garage and a fourth-floor master suite (if completed, it would bring the square footage to 4,453).

The house retains many of its original lines inside and out, but it has been tastefully modernized. Two contemporary touches take advantage of it's hillside location. Accordion doors cover an entire wall in the family room, and when they fold away, the space becomes something of a cabana. There's also a roof deck on top of the house that looks out over hills and the Downtown skyline. Given that the yard appears to be on the diminutive side, providing more fresh air access is a good thing. We have no doubt that the neighbors are eyeing this one already.

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