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$6.898M Noe Valley Firehouse Fails to Sell, Pops Up on Airbnb

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The restored Noe Valley Engine 44 Firehouse may be absolutely stunning, but it's always had a tough time on the market. Back in 2008, it started with an asking price or $6.375 million before languishing for three years and finally going for $4.05 million. Last fall it went back up for sale for $6.898 million but was pulled in December without a sale. Now its owners are taking a different approach: they've listed it on Airbnb for a whopping $1,500 per night.

Short-term renters can bring up to 10 people to stay in the firehouse, although extra guests after the first six each cost an additional $200 per night. Visitors have access to a full gym in the basement, a backyard fire pit, and an outdoor roof deck. Bits of the firehouse's history also remain, including a brass fire pole, copper stable doors, and zinc doors sprinkled throughout. There's even an old fire hydrant tucked beneath some very modern stairs. So is this a temporary solution or will the firehouse be trying its luck yet again on the market?

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