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Super Bowl Gridiron Gridlock Starts Today in San Francisco

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Judging by field and news reports, you may be reading this on a crammed bus, a packed train, or a filled ferry. If so, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. As we reported last week, street closures began today as San Francisco readies itself for the city's part of the big game, including Super Bowl City, an entertainment venue centered in Justin Herman Plaza. Last week, we speculated traffic might be a mess, and that prediction seems to be coming true.

According to Sue Hall, a traffic reporter who appears on ABC News 7 and several local radio stations, most major thoroughfares are jammed in Downtown SF.

Hall also reports that ferries coming from points north are packed—and that also goes for the parking lots around the terminals.

This video posted on Twitter shows what Hall is talking about—intersections are slow.

Want a new game plan? Check out this map from the San Francisco Transportation Agency. They estimate things could be like this for three weeks.

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