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Dated Hayes Valley Days Inn Could Make Way for Bigger Hotel

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If you've walked through booming Hayes Valley recently, you may have thought that the Days Inn on Grove Street looks a little out of place in an increasingly upscale neighborhood. The 47-room motel has been around since 1960, when it was a roadside motel convenient to Central Freeway. Now, the freeway is long gone, and the Days Inn may be on its way out, too. Preliminary plans have been filed to tear down the motel and replace it with a five-story, 158-room hotel.

If the project moves ahead, Double Decker burger restaurant, which sits next to the Days Inn, will also be on the chopping block. There's not much in the way of details at this time, although a 33-car parking garage, a roof deck, and a courtyard are laid out in the initial plans. The Days Inn is currently notable for its central location and its comparatively reasonable prices—a feature that we'd bet its replacement won't be offering.

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