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Get Ready: Super Bowl Street Closures Start Tomorrow

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The Super Bowl isn't until February 7, but if you thought you had a few more weeks until the city went nuts, think again. Street closures start tomorrow as downtown shuts down to begin setup for Super Bowl City. And if you're hoping to avoid the madness by taking Muni, biking, or even walking, you're out of luck. The detours and closures will affect everyone headed downtown, and probably even those who stay away from the heart of downtown won't be immune.

Last week we showed you SFMTA's map for drivers and predicted that the effects would spread far, far beyond the neat little grid on which the map focuses. Bikers who usually take the Embarcadero are being pointed toward 2nd via Howard or Folsom. BART is putting in efforts to send out as many train cars as possible during non-commute times when extra cars are available, but expect trains to be very, very crowded.

Nineteen Muni routes will be affected by street closures, with the F historic streetcar line replaced by buses, and a few bus routes will be shortened and stops moved. The Embarcadero BART and Muni Metro Station entrance at Market and Spear will be closed most of the day, although it will open up for the morning commute between 6:45 and 9:45 a.m. SFMTA's plan to deal with the situation includes signs, detours, and 90 parking officers stationed around the heart of it all directing traffic.

So what is all of this going to look like in real time? We're not quite sure, but expect a mess, and expect it to appear by Monday.

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