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Elegant Edwardian Condo in Pacific Heights Asks $1.899M

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At first glance, 2243 Franklin Street appears to be a grand old home. In fact, it is a few grand old homes (plural). There are three full-floor condos behind the elegant doors of this Edwardian building, and one of them is for sale—specifically, the one on the top floor. The exterior of this building is richly ornamented, with a zig-zag dental, a pair of Ionic pillars, and several plaster medallions. Some of those kinds of details also appear on the interior.

Clearly, the two-bedroom, two-bathroom home has been remodeled (probably recently). However, the leafy corbels that dot the ceiling in the front living room and hallway were left in place. Those kinds of features enliven an otherwise quietly serene space (it's a soft, pearly gray color from one end to the other).

The star of the show is actually at the rear of the building. Not many condos come with significant outdoor space, but this one is the exception. There's a sizable private deck (painted gray, of course) there; and it's large enough to hold an outdoor sectional and dining table. The entry to space has a modernized pediment and columns (maybe influenced by the Greek columns on the front). There's no access to the yard below, but it's sizable enough for that not to matter.

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