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Neighborhood Groups Oppose Whole Foods at Lombardi Sports

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When Whole Foods announced that they were planning one of their new, lower-cost 365 Markets for the former Lombardi Sports at Polk and Jackson Streets, we wondered if neighbors would react with the same level of disdain that they showed for a Target proposed for the site last year. Now, the Middle Polk Neighborhood Association and Polk District Merchants Association have voiced their opposition in a letter to Supervisor Aaron Peskin this week that argued that there are already enough grocers in the area.

The groups say that they want housing built on the site along with room for independent businesses on the ground floor. Rob Isaacson of Village Properties, which bought the site from the Lombardi family in 2014, told the San Francisco Examiner that housing was considered but a retailer could move in much faster. He also said that there would likely be plenty of opposition to housing, adding, "In San Francisco, you can never make [everyone] happy." According to documents filed alongside a conditional use application for the site, many residents spoke out in support of the 365 Market at a community meeting last month.

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