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Is This Bernal Fixer Really Looking for Just $599K?

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Bernal Heights is one of the most flip-friendly neighborhoods in San Francisco, with fixer-upper homes selling for lots of cash just to be renovated and then sold for even more money. A tiny cottage with plywood walls went for $1.2 million last year, and we'd expect the three-bedroom at 120 Brewster Street to be looking for at least a few hundred thousand dollars more than the $599,000 price it's asking.

Sure, the house itself looks like a shack built on stilts, at least from the outside, and it's on the far side of Bernal, not far from 101. It's almost definitely a teardown, and no interior photos are included. But it comes with a 1,750 square-foot lot and supposedly has bay views, at least according to the listing. There's also an adjacent vacant lot of equal size on offer for $399,000. So will these two sell for way over asking? It could be an interest test to see if the Bernal fixer market is still booming.

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