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SoMa Warehouse to Grow Up With Extra Floors of Housing

The low-slung building at 365 Ninth Street is currently is home to a furnishings store, some office space, and an antiques shop. In its current setup, it doesn't look like an optimal spot for housing, but preliminary plans submitted by Kwan Design Architects to add two stories to the building could change that. The proposal calls for the conversion of the building to mixed-use with 31 residential units and ground floor retail/commercial space.

All of the current office space would be ditched to become residential, while the amount of ground floor retail space would stay the same. The building would grow by 17 feet to end up at 54 feet tall. The building's warehouse character would remain intact, while the foundation would be enlarged and tie beams added to support the new stories. Construction costs are estimated at $7 million. The project is still in its very early planning stages, but if it does move forward it will mean a bit of growing up for this SoMa building.

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