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Jeanne Gang's 400-Foot Twisty Tower Gets First Approvals

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We've had our eye on the plans for starchitect Jeanne Gang's dramatic 400-foot twisty tower since they were first revealed back in the summer of 2014. The tower has attracted detractors complaining about the shadows it could cast on Rincon Park, spot zoning that would increase height limits at the tower's site from 300 feet, and traffic and congestion. Yesterday, the Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure had a public hearing on the tower that ended in its first round of approvals.

According to Hoodline, yesterday's public hearing became a long discussion of benefits for middle-class residents from the project versus impacts on neighbors. If the project does go ahead with a height of 400 feet, it would hold 390 condos with 156 reserved as below-market-rate. That's a full 40 percent, up from the 35 percent required for the site. With the number of units in the tower and the higher percentage, that's an extra 44 affordable units up for grabs.

The BMR units would be spread both across an eight-story building on-site and across the first 26 floors of the tower, and developer Tishman Speyer would subsidize all home owner association dues over $850 for BMR residents who make 80 percent of area median income. The height increase was approved, and will head on to the Planning Commission in March and the Board of Supervisors sometime this spring.

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