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Eureka Valley House Back in the Game with a Price Increase

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There are a lot of homes to write about in San Francisco and frankly, some get away. That's the case with 4332 19th Street. It made an appearance on the market this fall, priced at $3.195 million. Not long after, its price was cut to $2.895 million and, before we could type the headline, it vanished from the market. Now, it's back with a new, and higher, price: $3.295 million.
Vanguard listing agent Brendon Kearney says that the new figure is "an incredible price for a house like this." And he may be correct, as we've certainly seen homes in this location (right at the intersection of Eureka Valley, the Castro, and Dolores Heights and a stone's throw from Noe Valley) sell for comparable figures. But, as a local Realtor recently told us, the market this winter was "just plain weird."

The house has been recently remodeled by developers, but it retains the shingle style and diamond-mullioned windows that are common in this area. Inside, there are coved ceilings and period molding, but there's also a very contemporary kitchen with a deep-blue island. Some flips are criticized for either latching on to all the latest trends or making everything comfortably bland in order to cast a wide buyer net. The team who remodeled this house did so with an eye to balancing past and present, old and new.

Now that the winter is behind us and the spring market is in sight, we'll see if buyers agree with the style (and the price).

· 4332 19th Street [Official Site]